Version: 2020

VOLKSWAGEN Retrofit 1990 – Present

Retrofit / Conversions

Vehicles: VOLKSWAGEN® (CAN and non-CAN systems)

Retrofit / Conversions (Customization)

  1. Model Golf(5G)2013~2019
    1. Enable Sport meter dash board selftest
    2. Turn on 4 bulbs when stomp brake
    3. Disable daytime running light
    4. Turn down right side rear-view mirror in reverse gear
    5. Disable seat belt warning
    6. Fold rear-view mirror when lock car
    7. Actvate hron when lock/unlock doors
    8. Display the amount of fuel refilling
    9. Enable speed limit warning
    10. Auto close windows when raining
    11. Blink turn signal in turns
    12. number of indicator flash cycles
    13. Enable driving school mode
    14. Enable daytime running light menu in MIB
    15. Hold the unlock button to open roof window
    16. modify the brightness of reverse light
    17. Switch off daytime running light parking brake is engaged
    18. Window lifting/lowering available after switch off ignition
    19. Stop wiper when engine hood is opened
    20. Modify the sensitivity of light sensor
    21. Setting of coming/leaving home function
    22. Start / Stop
  2. Model Golf(5K)2009~2013
    1. Coming home (The vehicle must have Automatic headlights function)
    2. Leaving Home (The vehicle must have Automatic headlights function)
    3. Turn signal (through fox light) cycles (The light and vision setting must be default in dash panel)
    4. Use fog light as cornering light (This function is active only when the headlight is turned on)
    5. Automatic door lock while driving (Automatic lock doors when vehilce speed > 15 km/h)
    6. Unlock driver side door only (Press unlock button once to unlock doriver side door, press twice to unlock all doors)
    7. Automatic unlock (Automatic unlock doors when key is removed)
    8. Tear wiping (The wiper will activate one more time a few seconds after wiper stoped to wipe out rain drops)
    9. Enable tyre pressure monitoring function
    10. Expanded electronic differential lock
    11. Dash Board Self-test
    12. Daytime running lamp deactivation button (After enable this feature, the daytime running light deactivation menu will shown in dash board)
    13. Activate interior light when read lid opened
    14. Footwell lights (Activate Footwell lights when key is removed)
  3. Model Passat(3G), 2015~2020
    1. Start / Stop